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is a family-owned online shop, We also are a local gift shop and we are a vendor at most of the local markets. We sell handmade products that we make ourselves out of exotic woods, Resin/Epoxy. We DO NOT use a CNC we make everything one of a kind with the use of our hands and hand tools. We take pride in our work and put our heart into each and every item we craft and build. All our items are made to last. We can customize all our items to your liking. Feel free to have a look or come stop by also can ask for an obligation-free quote. We are located right here in the beautiful trading grounds in Fort Saskatchewan. Hope to hear from you also reach us on our social networks or by email or phone. 

Take your Shopping to the next level  at our online store. We provide our selection is simply wonderful. Browse our inventory to find just what you’re looking for.